Cat Eye Stencils–Do it!

The Cat Eye is one of those makeup techniques that is just plain fun for me.  My problem was that if I mastered a cat eye shape on my right eye, it was hard to match it exactly on my left.  I looked at Beth Bender’s Get In Line Stencil Kits and was tempted, but before I added it to my cart…I can make my own stencil, right?  Right!

 My stencils that I made in a matter of seconds.  Easy Breezy!

I used a manila folder held it up over my eye lid and marked where the corner of my eye began and where I wanted my cat eye to end.  (It really doesn’t have to be a perfect measurement because the stencil is meant to be moved around for desired look.)  I drew a couple of different of cat eye shapes that I wanted to try and then cut them out.

Place the stencil on your eyelid and position it according the desired look.  For a thin cat eye place it just above the lash line; for thick,  move the stencil up from the lash line–then fill that sucker in!  You can use crayon/pencil liner, liquid liner, shadow liner…just play with it and try different things.

For this one I used my brown liner shadow wetting my brush in between each swipe.

Here I used a black crayon/pencil liner.
cat eyeI used a midnight blue shadow liner here and wet my brush when applying.
And look, my friend Amy gave it a whirl!

Just having fun with my friend Barb.  ———— And, I scare me!


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