Let’s Try This Again

Five years ago,  I put this little “Oh By Golly” hat on the top shelf, purposefully out of reach.  It would take a lot of growing before I allowed myself to reach for it again.  Man, I had lost perspective, and I had believed so many lies .  You guys, when this happens, pull the chord!  Shut it down.
For me, pulling the chord meant falling into Jesus and letting him do what He loves to do, REDEEM things.
So here’s to brand spanking new things to say and an even greater life stage to pull from.
What I hope will happen here: Memoir short stories, Books and Podcast reviews, DIY anything and a loud, megaphone message of COURAGE and BELONGING between all us woman folk.
Now, come child. Let us remember the old so I can get to the “New”. Word?

eye liner tutorial

The Custom Cat Eye Stencil

leather and jacket

Friend’s Jacket + Friend’s Leather Boots = BFF


Refashioned Sweatshirt with Zipper Sleeve

Rhys went to the woods

Dear John T-shirt.  This was one of my favorites! “I went to the Woods” -Thorea

Two Tone dress

Two Tone Dress.  Yep, I’m still living vicariously through other moms who have little girls.

Boys shirts

Waaaahhh.  I can’t.  They were so little. (PS. Rhys reminds me of an ostrich, a cute one.)

And now, moving on.

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