Make A Mix Tape

This Valentine’s Day go old school, and get your someone a cassette player and make a mix tape.  Nostalgia warms the heart, and it doesn’t break the bank.

Cassette Players


Don’t we all dream of walking into a party and carrying this boom box on our shoulder.  Maybe have a can of spray paint in your hands? Make your love’s dreams come true this Valentine’s Day.  —Scrolling through my rolodex to find a party—

If you’re significant other prefers something less bulky, go with this clear cassette player . 

Either way, just make them a mix tape, okay?

or I guess you could go with some of these:


Cassettes are making a come back, kind of–not even close to the Vinyl Renaissance we’ve seen but half the fun of it all is the hunt for both old and new tapes.  Here are a few recent releases:

  1. Stranger Things soundtrack!! Look, you just pop this in your cassette player, put your hoodie over your head and go for a ride on your bike.  Some of these songs will channel your inner Eleven. ( A little off topic but maybe you’ll love these T-shirts as much as I do)
  2. If you’ve lived then you know Prince and his “Purple Rain” album.  No question, this cassette. 
  3. Nirvana’s “Nevermind” cassette album.  If you need a reminder this is THE Nirvana album with “Smells Like Teen Spirit” “Breed” and “Come As You Are”.
  4. A collection of various artists  Guardians Of The Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1 &2 Cassette Tape.  So basically Star Lord just made us a copy of his awesome mix tape. Thank you.

What was your first cassette tape?

Mine was Mariah Carey’s “Day Dream” album.  (You guys, I miss the cassette tape cover sleeves that had the lyrics on them!  I.learned.every.word.)




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