Pressed Flowers in 90 Seconds

Pressed Flowers DIY

I know; I’m fully aware. It is NOT Spring, I’m just rushing things along, ok?  But go ahead and add this simple, inexpensive project to your Spring To-Do’s.


Supplies Needed:

  • Fresh flowers
  • Scissors
  • Paper towels
  • Standard Computer Paper  OR  Parchment Paper
  • A flat heavy object that can be put in Microwave (ex. Pyrex Pie Plate)
  • Microwave


Gather your flowers:

  1. My youngest son, Rhys, helped me with this project.  We might have thrown on hoodies one night and snuck out to the city’s landscaping where we picked 4 pansies. Just 4 though.  Might have.  The other flowers came from a clearance Valentine Bouquet.  $4 for a big bunch of pretty– Daisies, spider mums, Iris’s, and carnations.pinkfilterwm
  2. Take a full size sheet of Computer paper or cut parchment paper to this size. ( I used computer paper because it’s what I had on hand) Fold horizontal paper in half to make a book. (The Hamburger fold)  Place  2-3 flowers, depending on size, inside the paper fold. Press closed. open paper with flower
  3. Then sandwich your folded paper between two paper towel sheets.papertowels
  4. Your layer should be: paper towel, folded paper book, paper towel.  Set this in the microwave and place the Pyrex pie plate on top. (Or use anything mildly heavy and microwave safe to press it flat)microwave
  5. Microwave in 30 second intervals for a total of 90 seconds.  Check your flowers between each 30 seconds.  When your flowers no longer stick to your paper and can easily be removed, they are done.  All my flowers took 90 seconds except the thick carnation; it took an extra 30.  SO EASY and FAST!flower on black
  6. Get Creative! There are so many fun things to do with your pressed flowers.

Pressed Glass Hinge Frame

I love the glass hinge frames I’m seeing these days.  The most affordable I’ve found have been with the Hearth and Hand Magnolia collection at Target.  I’ve had a leaf branch in there, but this leaf was on the struggle bus.


Needing Ideas?

  • Display your arrangement in a pressed glass frame, which is what I’ve done above.
  • With smaller flowers, embellish your stationary with this Martha Stewart tutorial and these clear stickers.  Martha you win, you always do.
  • If you have access to a laminate machine, there are beautiful possibilities for bookmarks.  Ain’t got time for that?! Here are some pretties for purchase: My Humble Jumble.  and Pia Poe.
  • DIY Coasters!

Ok, you get it.  You have The Google and can get inspired, I’m just here to say that when those flowers start to bloom you only need 90 seconds with the microwave.

And if you are one who camps in the Microwave conspiracies or you want to get the kids involved in flower pressing and have a more hands-on experience then you can check out the  Le Jardin Flower Press or the 4M Pressed Flower Kit.

Flower Press

Keep On Pressing OnhangingflowerframewmLeaf Frame with brass onlyThat struggle bus


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