Discovering the Punch Needle

pinkgraypunch(Used with a #9 Oxford Punch Needle)

This is the perspective of a newbie.

I have always wanted to learn to embroidery stitch by hand, but it seems time consuming, and it requires sitting still.  I’d like to reserve my sitting for reading a good book.  BUT then I learned about the Punch Needle, and I’m hooked on the sitting.

modernsunsetcatA Modern Sunset? Used Oxford Punch Needle with bulk yarn on Monks Cloth. (For my local friends, I scored this Black Cat Stone sculpture at The Tattered Style)

Punch Needle Pros:

  • It’s a faster method of stitching
  • It’s easy! Both beginners and advanced love it. This is a great skill to share with a younger crafter.
  • Different Punch needles give different size of stitching and loops
  • Can use embroidery floss or yarn depending on what size Punch needle you are using
  • You can determine if you like the front or back side best
  • It’s therapy.  The crunch of each punch satisfies the soul.

Here I used DMC floss with the Ultra Punch Needle.   The Ultra Punch ranges from 1-12.  The lower the number, the  smaller the loop it makes.

punchneedleI love this needle.  No complaints here!

Left: is actually meant to be the FRONT.    Right: is meant for the BACK

Hey, but it’s 2018, and you get to say which side you want to display!


This was my very first attempt with the Ultra Punch Needle.   Remember this was the back, but I flipped it around.  Notice the little loops that makes it have the texture of a rug.  This was on the #3 setting.

A little Entomology.  I do like how these turned out.  I swear that first one hung in my Aunt Patsy‘s guest room–a vintage vibe.

Lastly, I made a pillow for one of my sons.  It’s Spring Break here, and the intention was to get them involved. Yeah, that lasted five minutes.plainbear

Soooooo I’m an artist.  That’s why I can take creative liberty to make a bear look like a seal.  If you need tips on how to draw such a bear, you can find me on Linkdin.  Uhhh

stuffing pillowSTUFF’inBearpillow on bed I used the ultra punch needle and some hand stitch embroidery on this pillow.  The boys told me it looked just like a bear. LOVE IS BLIND.


You can find embroidery floss and hoops all at your local craft store.

Suggested fabrics? Monks cloth or burlap for bulky yarn.  Linen, muslin etc for embroidery.

I purchased my #9 reg. Oxford needle at Needles In The Nest.



6 thoughts on “Discovering the Punch Needle

    1. Yes, try it! I haven’t found much luck with punch needles I like at local craft stores that’s why I provided the links in my post. But the fabric and thread is inexpensive and easy to find! Good luck. Keep me posted if you try it out.


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