Punch Needle Triangle Blanket

So if you missed the last post, I’ve recently discovered Punch Needling, and it has taken over my mind…and my house.  If you are interested in learning more about the process and the materials I use, you can check out my “Discovering the Punch Needle” post.

Beforeblanket1I have a couple of throw blankets that are rarely used.  It seems that everyone in this house has claimed a blanket for themselves and all the other little blankets are for sport. This cream throw blanket from Ikea has hung over the back of my chair for a couple of years, and I’ve only put it around me once.  I prefer to bundle and layer in over-sized Goodwill cardigans.  I just felt my mom’s eyes roll. Shudder.  Me so Pretty.

beforeblanket2I made a triangle with card-stock paper, traced it on the blanket with a fabric marker, (I really just used a washable crayons marker, but I’m trying to be professional here) and started with the first triangle by attaching my 10in embroidery hoop. I used the Oxford Punch Needle #9.

punchblanket1I really did this all within an hour.  It was super easy and quick, and I just think it turned out lovely.  The colors and the added texture beats the plain blanket for sure! punchblanket3I started with the blue triangle, and as you might can see, it’s a bit thicker than the other triangles.  I learned that over punching can make the corners of the triangle curve and not lay as flat.  You want flat triangles for a blanket. Derrr.punchhookblanket backAnd in case you were wondering what the other side of the blanket looks like. Es good. But the corners perk a little too much to be the display side. punchblanketupclose

Tah Dah.

Lessons I learned from this:

  • Don’t over punch unless you are wanting a curved, raised piece.
  • A non-slip hoop is a good investment if you will be embroidering of any kind ( I have not done this yet, and my fabric probably slips out at least once every punch needling project.)
  • Punch Needling yarn can be pulled out pretty easily if you leave the back as is. Our new puppy, Reuben, already snagged this blanket, but he only pulled out a few stitches before I caught him.  Thankfully, you can’t tell.  This new blanket stays on my craft chair now.

You guys, I can’t believe I’m a dog person now….

Meet Reuben ByersrobinhoodreubenRhys and Roome and Roo in carHappy National Pet Day!




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