Florals Forever

If you follow me on instagram then you’ve seen that I’ve spent the Summer stitching flowers and vines and leaves–stitching at the pool, on road trips, in the doctor’s office, in my bed with an audio book.  I’ll say it again, it’s an inexpensive therapy!     Midnight3Midnight Floral Collection

(When you call it a collection, you legitimize yourself, I think)Midnightfloral bluemidnightpink1These last two are hanging up in my dining for now but if anyone is into them, you can purchase them here and here.

Pink floral1Dreamy colors in this

foxandfllowersSleepy Fox

AnthrogreendressI didn’t make this dress. 😉  It’s from Anthropologie, and I’ve looked at it a lot! That green is so lovely.  PS. GUESS WHAT?  I just accepted a job as a visual sales consultant at Anthropologie, South Lake.  Goodness me, I’m excited!

shoulderstitch2I was inspired by the green and floral in the Anthro dress so I pulled this six year old, plain top out of my closet and stitched a flower on my shoulder. shoulderstitch1If I had the time, I would stitch a flower on everything I own.  I’ve already ruled out tatting the whole body; I don’t have the money nor the guts.

Here are some of my favorite florals (today):florals1Shealeen Louise is one of my favorite watercolorists.  Her instagram is filled with beautiful flowers.  Her prints can be put on just about anything your heart fancies.

tea towelsI’ve been following Florals for Freedom for awhile now, and I love these tea towels!

floralstickersand these Vinyl stickers

wildflowertatI could get into these temporary tattoos by Nature Tat. (There’s an alligator I REALLY want).  You see, my friends, my mind changes on the daily so temporary sounds…not…permanent?




4 thoughts on “Florals Forever

    1. You are always so kind and a great support! You can click on the links under the items and they will take you to my Etsy shop. But I’m going to message you on FB right now too.


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