The Porch Next Door

Welcome to the Porch

I live next door to a woman who, I swear, changes around her decor more than I change my… umm…pantyloons. I know. It sounds like her and I both have some issues, but we’re totally aware of them. And if you were fortunate enough to live within a hundred yard radius, you would hear us working out those issues on one another in wild, back and forth banter.

Well, today I was strolling down the sidewalk, umbrella in hand, and I noticed Jennifer’s porch had changed AGAIN. “Gawk and Walk” is my motto on Main Street. Her Home is filled to the brim with treasures (stay tuned), and her porch serves as an ever-changing window display of what’s inside.

Gawk and Walk is my motto on Main street. -Oh By Golly

So let me show you what’s happening on her porch this week:

I swear this Porch Swing bed was white a month ago. Did her husband build a new one? Did she paint it on a whim? These are the questions one asks when they drive by.

There is nothing minimalist about Jennifer’s style. She loves stuff. And she does “stuff” so well! Jennifer owns a small, local country store: Gainsboro Antique Market. It is packed with wonderful, hand picked finds. Nothing in the store is ordered or mass produced. Yeah, as I look around my home, Gainsboro Market has pretty much furnished my house over time.

Can you see the rain drops?

Note to self: I’m seeing symmetry over and over in Jennifer’s exterior and interior. I purposefully don’t do it much in my home, but I should try more symmetry on my porch.

I spy: old rain boots, plaid, church pew, metal letter box, door wreath, display table, flower arrangement, metal cart on wheels…

That reflection of me is putting off a real professional vibe

Eucalyptus Wreath

I am inspired to go take what I have, move it around and spruce it up with some Fall foliage.

Listen To Me

One of her many cozy sitting spaces

You have to come back for my next post because I WENT INSIDE! I opened that door on her porch while no one was home, and I took pictures of every nook and cranny. You will love it!

Rise Up, and Sit Down!

4 thoughts on “The Porch Next Door

  1. Jennifer is such an inspiration not in just her decorating skills but an Inspiration on how to be as a person. She has a heart of gold and is one of the kindest sweetest people you will ever meet. Every month when she opens her store my daughters and I cant wait to go. It’s like Christmas to us. Needless to say she has furnished our homes as well ❤❤


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