The House Next Door

In case you missed my last post. I spontaneously ventured over to my neighbor Jennifer’s home Sunday afternoon.

It was spitting rain when I walked up to her porch with my umbrella, and she greeted me with a “Hey Darlin” and a “Now why the hell do you need an umbrella? You afraid of messing up that hair?” I gave her an exaggerated hair toss and a millennial smirk. We play off of our generational differences. I glanced at the new “For Sale” sign that was just hammered in the ground; My neighbors, who became family, are moving, and I want to remember the treasure that was next door–a loving family that created a beautiful home.

Fortunately, she said, “Do what you want. I’m leaving. Just lock the back door when you’re done.” Gold. So Now I can show everyone the inside of this Historic Craftsman Home.

Living Room

These built in bookcases are a dream.

You might have noticed, but she LOVES ambience, and she’s a master at hiding all of the extension cords and outlets. And now that I own an old, historic home myself, I see how necessary the added light is. One overhead light won’t cut it, and you’ll find no can lights in these parts.

View From Dining Room
Dining Room

This dining table is massive in person. Her husband, Ron, built this. If I got into how talented he also is and how incredibly hard he works on and around this home, well, let’s just acknowledge right now that his blood and sweat is all in this house. I mean, they cleaned it all up though.

Do you see those long neck sconces? Perfect.

“Long neck sconce, let go of my hand.”

Garth Brooks
Mess Hall
The Mud Room

One of the many cozy sitting places. This door leads to the “She Shed” behind the house.


That rug is everything. It gives such a rich, vibrancy to the kitchen. Jennifer is proof that Red can be done RIGHT. Without a rooster in sight

One afternoon Jennifer was cooking on the stove and the rest of the family was in the dining room having a good ‘ole time. She decides that day that she wants to bust out the wall so the kitchen party can join with the dining party. Before the sun went down, this window was cut and framed.

Sitting nook in the Kitchen
Laundry Room
For those who take pencil sharpening seriously

The whole house is still heated by these old radiators. I love them scattered all throughout the home.

This might be my favorite space. Wendell Berry’s words come to mind:

Make a place to sit down.   
Sit down. Be quiet.   
You must depend upon   
affection, reading, knowledge,   

How To Be A Poet

Or maybe your place to sit for hours would look more like this bright spot upstairs.

Master Bedroom
Upstairs Hallway

The upstairs contains 3 bedrooms, an Office, a Sitting Area and 1 bath

Her space is filled with textures and pattern play

I love the stoic air this room holds.

Another beautiful rug to set the space

I will measure all other loves by the one I feel for this rug.

I’m sure her grown boys loved sleeping in this room, lying their heads next to this dear lad and his pet bird. Sweet dreams eerie one.

The Dreaming and Drawing Space for the ongoing projects
Vintage Carrom Board
Eucalyptus Wreath

I’ll cap this with the back door I had to lock behind me. I already have a lump of sweet and sad in my throat so I’m not going to push it. I love this home. I love this family. I’m grateful I was purposefully placed right next door.


The House Next Door

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