Black and White Easy Fall Decor

Two weeks ago, I was in a local coffee shop grabbing a cold brew buzz to go. I was on my way out when I noticed a blonde, baseball cap wearing, woman. I had never seen her before, and I have this mid life thing where I have to introduce myself to strangers. Within minutes of meeting, our pens and notes were spread out on the table, dreaming and planning.

I’m so excited to be collaborating with my new friend, Brandi Moody, curator of Blonde Coffee Mom. Brandi gives her readers weekly wardrobe ideas as she is on the go being an on-the-go Mom of three girls. Brandi first grabbed my interest ( I followed her before I knew her) on her instagram with her great Walmart finds. I’m always up for ways to wear affordable garb, and truthfully, she is the one who got me to step back into our crowded Walmart. She’ll get you too–watch. GO FOLLOW HER! There will be no regrets.

Spooky Silhouettes


If I’m going to add seasonal decor then I’m going to keep the cost super LOW. It’s in the house for ONE month. I found these foam packs of bats and spiders at Hobby Lobby for $1.80.

And I keep these Ikea frames for occasions such as this. I like to use empty frames for seasonal art or for displaying our kid’s art.

Center the bat and cover with white card stock. Other novel Halloween ideas: Black Cat, Skeleton, Pumpkins, Witches Profile

See the tree on the mantel above? Another cheap find at Hobby Lobby. Rhys handled the spray paint and black glitter.

Bat Chandelier


  • Wooden Embroidery Hoop
  • Black Embroidery Thread
  • Foam Bats

The leaves blew in on my porch this week, and I parked my butt outside and made spooky things with great company.

Poke a hole through the bat, thread the hole with a black embroidery thread, differing the length of each string.

Take the inside hoop of your embroidery hoop and spray it black.

Tie threads on to your hoop. Use 3 to 4 individual strings to tie your topper and you are done.

Creep Pennant


  • Felt Pennant from craft store
  • Stick On Felt Letters
  • Bias Tape or DIY Bias Tape
  • Dowel Rod

Let me first show you my creepers. They genuinely disturb Tim. He won’t sit in that brown leather chair right now. He’ll be alright.

Black and White Mantel

I chose “Creep” because of my spider theme but mostly because it can used throughout the year. Do you experience catcalling? Raise the CREEP FLAG. Is someone invading your personal space? Raise the CREEP FLAG.

Place your dowel rod into the bias tape, hot glue and fold over your bias. You can also use a strip of felt rather then Bias tape. Usually I would sew my bias tape over the rod, but we’re going the easy route here.

Raise the Creep Flag!

Now Go See How To Wear It with Blonde Coffee Mom

One thought on “Black and White Easy Fall Decor

  1. I’m loving keeping up with your posts here lately! And what a cool collaboration with your new friend. This shows me how much I need to get out of my element and meet new people if I want to have support in my writing. Thanks for that push!


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