Add Plaid to Your Dining Table

Brandi at Blonde Coffee Mom is back with me for another Fall collaboration: PLAID!!! This week I am focusing on adding a tad of plaid for indoor or outdoor dining, and Brandi is showing us different ways to wear plaid this Fall over at Blonde Coffee Mom.

This plaid table runner is actually a blanket scarf I got on clearance. I loved the colors and knew I would use it some way, some how.

Aren’t these apples beautiful? I went Fall apple picking in nature’s bounty this weekend–Kroger. I did! I hand picked each one, searching for only the firmest of apples with no nicks or bruises. My heart swelled with Autumn as I fidgeted with the wrong end of the plastic produce bag. And just as Toto began to sing “Africa” on the supermarket intercom, I found the right side of the bag, tossed my Honey Crisp apples in, and danced around the yellow mop bucket inhaling the sweet chemical lemon that one can only dream of on a humid October day. Pinch me.


A silver goblet paired with gold etched glass — royalty going on over here. Like “Take me to Red Lobster” royalty.

I love this. Precious and simple with a touch of plaid.

Light Pink Charger, Small white plate, mini wreath, red pear, plaid ribbon

Another way to use plaid ribbon. Basically, another way to save money and be cute.

There you go. I’m keeping this short and sweet. Thankfully it doesn’t take a lot of convincing for you to incorporate plaid into your Fall interior. We feel it in our bones, don’t we?

Blonde Coffee Mom

Now, go see ways to WEAR Plaid with Brandi! Her plaid blog post is the CUTEST!! And don’t forget to follow her daily posts on Instagram and Facebook

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