Summer Craft Camp

Craft Camp

Welcome to Oh By Golly! This Summer I am excited to announce I am offering a local Summer Craft Camp for kids; ages 7-12.  Choose from 3 different plans:




(Above images are examples I’ve created)

Embroidery Program: 6 Sessions. Thursdays 9:30-10:30am / June 21st 

Embroidery includes:

-1 Canvas Craft Tote 

-9 flosses of Embroidery

-1 Fat Quarter of Muslin Fabric

-1 6×6 Embroidery Hoop

-1 8×8 Embroidery Hoop 

scraps of practice fabric

Water and a snack each session

3 Embroidery Templates Offered (TBA)

$75 (Sibling discount $55 each)

*Child will learn to thread a needle, knot the floss, and stitch a few basic embroidery stitches, along with learning how to organize your supplies.  They will have two completed works of embroidery art to take home.  Hand embroidery is great for developing fine motor skills.  **(Pictures above are not the offered templates)






(Above images are examples I’ve created)

Yarn Work Program: 6 Sessions. Tuesdays 7-8pm/ June 19th

Yarn Work includes:

-Craft Tote


-Two dowel Rods

-Wooden beads and accessories

$75 (Sibling discount $55 each)

*Your child will learn how to make Yarn Wall Hangings by knotting yarn around dowel rod.  They will also learn to make Yarn Poms and Yarn tassels.  Each child will take home two completed wall hangings.  Yarn hangings are great for the DIY-er that also loves interior design.  Once they learn to make this, they will be hooked, and the ideas to accessorize are endless.


*4 Day  Craft Camp*

June 11th-14th /  9:00-10:30am

2 days Embroidery/ 2 days Yarn Work 


-1 canvas tote bag

-1 6×6 Embroidery hoop

-5 Embroidery floss

-Fat Quarter of fabric


-Dowel Rod

-Wooden beads

$75 (Sibling discount $55 each)

Dandelions w:yellow


To Register you can call or text to 501-258-3548.

*Registration ends June 4th

Accepting Cash, Venmo and PayPal

Located in Coppell, TX.