I am Jacklyn, a wife, and a mother to two boys.  I work as a manager and personal trainer of a gym.

Oh By Golly began in 2011 as a creative space for me to share my written memoir stories and all of the projects I unfailingly find/hunt down.

I’ve recently (2020) decided to include my love for fitness here on Oh By Golly because it’s a huge part of who I am, and I cannot keep talking about mental and emotional health while being silent on physical health.  That’s stupid.

In October of 2019 I started the Oh By Golly Podcast— A show that reminds everyone that we are all in this thing together.  I talk to a variety of people, and in the process of listening, I reflect upon my own life story.

So here’s to brand spanking new things to say and an even greater life stage to pull from.

What I hope will happen here: Memoir short stories, The Oh By Golly podcast, DIY anything, Fitness, and a loud, megaphone message of COURAGE and BELONGING between all us woman folk.

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