The Oh By Golly Podcast

A show that reminds everyone that we are all in this thing together.  Jacklyn, the host of Oh By Golly, talks to a variety of people and in the process of listening, she reflects upon her own life story.


  • A short episode on the importance of slowing down and claiming mundane acts as sacred.     Jacklyn explains why she took a break from the podcast only four episodes in. Briefly shares about her trip to TX to see family. Encourages listeners to stay connected to one another during this season of Social Distancing. 
  • When Jacklyn sits down with her friend Lindsey they quickly connect over similar shared experiences in their childhood– cigarettes and booze.   
  • The theme of this episode is Friendship.  Jacklyn begins by briefly sharing stories of a few friends who have changed her life for the better.  Early on in the show, Jacklyn phones Madeline, a former student who she taught 12 years ago.  Madeline discuss the importance of her high school friend group and specifically her […]
  • Jacklyn's niece suggests doing a special Thanksgiving episode, but their time on the phone has little to do with Thanksgiving and more to do with Peanut M&Ms, educational goals, and unicorns. Jacklyn also shares a few Thanksgiving memories from her childhood. 
  • Jacklyn finally gets to talk to her dad on the phone.  She learns that he has made a few changes around his place.