The Oh By Golly Podcast

A show that reminds everyone that we are all in this thing together.  Jacklyn, the host of Oh By Golly, talks to a variety of people and in the process of listening, she reflects upon her own life story.


  • Man has quieted and nature has grown loud. These Corona birds, they have my attention. Jacklyn shares her childhood desire to have a bird's full attention and later in adulthood learns to sit long enough to let them land. Lindsey reads a letter explaining the "blue bird of happiness" Tommy reads "Caged Bird" by Maya Angelou […]
  • This episode I speak with Monica DiCristina, a licensed therapist in Georgia, and host of the "Still Becoming" Podcast.  Jacklyn and Monica discuss how to cope with anxiety in the midst of a pandemic.  
  • Jacklyn creates an Oh By Golly 24/7 voicemail where listeners can call to share anything they like.  870-776-9675 Betty Gail calls in to share about her past and present relationship with her brother.   Katie calls to briefly share that her sister is again her roommate and they fixed the dryer.  Jacklyn reads "A Penny […]
  • A short episode on the importance of slowing down and claiming mundane acts as sacred.     Jacklyn explains why she took a break from the podcast only four episodes in. Briefly shares about her trip to TX to see family. Encourages listeners to stay connected to one another during this season of Social Distancing.